My First Blog Post

Finding balance in mothering with self care and travel

Here it goes. My first blog post. When deciding to jump on this bandwagon there were a number of motivating factors that lead me here. (I’ll get to those in a minute.) But like every new venture in life there were questions and moments of doubt.  Am I reproducing in an already saturated market? What if my content isn’t captivating enough? And the biggest of all – what if I fail?  But honestly I’m a big believer in the motto, “what will be will be.”  There is a bigger plan for my life than I can see and if this is meant to be a part of it then so be it. And if not? Well then it’s a creative outlet. When I looked at blogging in that frame of mind there was no concept of failing. So I’m diving in and hoping to make a big splash!

So back to what led me here. I am at a place in life where I feel both secure in who I am while also embracing the concept that I need more. As a toddler boy mom with another little on the way I’m left unfulfilled in my current job and know if I don’t make a change that could result in feelings of unhappiness and discontent. With baby girl due in January I’m blessed to be in a position to leave my current place of employment to stay home with my babies. And so again, with the idea that “what will be will be” I decided it’s time to make a change and allow myself a platform to (hopefully) serve others while I transition to that SAHM role.  I know myself well enough to recognize that I want something that is all my own, separate from my title as mom, as wife or employee.  Something that can bring me fulfillment as an individual – and I’m hoping this can do that for me.  It’s also been important to me to feel like I’m making a positive contribution to society in whatever position I hold. So what does that look like here? In short I’m hoping to provide a point of connection for mamas of littles – a platform we can all utilize to build each other up, empower one another to be our truest selves and laugh along the way.

So what will you find on my blog?  A lot of self care strategies!  Because let’s be real, as moms we all need to accept that self care is necessary in creating a sense of balance.  Full transparency, my form of self care may be different than yours.  And thats ok!  Specifically from me you’ll see fitness components and organizational tips with a faith based foundation.  However, I’d love to see a collaborative effort in which we can all share inspiration to find that elusive balance.  You’ll also see a love for travel – both family inclusive and as a form of rejuvenation from life’s chaos.  And of course it’s all centered around my journey through motherhood and the lessons I’m learning along the way. 

So thank you for taking an interest and reading even this much.  If this appeals to you in any way then stay tuned for more!  



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