Self care isn’t selfish – how barre3 brings me balance

Let’s talk self care.

Honestly this was such a foreign (and can I say laughable?) concept for me before I became a mom and crime victim advocate.  I couldn’t grasp the concept of having to prioritize taking care of myself and specifically identifying ways to do that.  Maybe because before I held these roles I was in more of a position to prioritize my owns desires and didn’t have to think about it?  However, trying to juggle being a working mom in a very emotionally draining job, a mom to a very active and spirited little boy, and a wife that wants to devote energy into her relationship with her spouse while crafting time for myself is a chore in and of itself!  Can I also say overwhelming?  I know you mamas feel me. 

But what I’ve learned along the way these past 3+ years is that it’s ok to put myself on the priority list.  And not just ok but NECESSARY to make sure I’m the best I can be for my family.  Because I’ll be honest, when I’m feeling drained and overwhelmed my emotions get the best of me and I become short tempered and then am hammered by guilt for expressing that emotion.  So instead I’ve found that by giving myself the option to attend a barre3 class regularly I am empowering myself to fill my cup. I find strength outwardly and inwardly.  I feel replenished and recharged.  I feel strong and capable to take on those daunting tasks.  I feel BALANCED and that spills over into the rest of my life. 

Whether it’s through a fitness regime, a treat to yourself, an indulgent splurge every now and then, getting lost in a good book (or dare I say binging on the bachelorette?!) I encourage you to find something that leaves you feeling grounded and capable.  Because we all just need to recognize our own strengths and abilities; and maybe have some dark chocolate and wine along the way.

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