How I Invested in My Spouse.

Parking $2.50

Dinner $38.00 (approximately)

Comedy show & popcorn $15

Having a date night out to include a sunset walk on the waterfront – priceless

Ok, actually the price totaled about $56. Closer to $60 if I’m including the soda we had to get to go with our popcorn – and to think we didn’t even have to pay for a sitter! How do people afford this on the regular?

I read time and time again how you have to invest in your marriage and God knows I probably don’t give it what I should. So this week I planned a date for us and surprised the hubs. I even asked for some fantasy football help so he could gab about what captivates his attention almost all of Sunday (baring church and a Timbers game). This was our first date in what feels like at least 2 months and with baby girl coming soon(ish) I feel like dates will be even fewer and farther between.

But what do you all do to invest in your marriage on the daily? Dates can’t be the only relied upon effort 😜



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