International Travel: how to get the most bang for your buck.

This time last year the hubs and I were preparing to jet set across the pond for our first trek through Europe. I had always dreamt of going through the Mediterranean and specifically seeing Greece and he made sure that dream became a reality for me. Spoiler alert it was actually Venice, Italy and Dubrovnik, Croatia that captured my heart. Venice was otherworldly, an old world city floating above the waves. And Croatia was absolutely breathtaking! It had an old world charm with a luscious greenery that Greece didn’t posses and the most beautiful clear waters I’ve ever seen. I described it as a secret gem. And oh my god the cheese! It was the full package – sight, sound and flavor. We’ve always enjoyed traveling together but it’s his drive that has allowed our passion to become a plan repeatedly.

Overall we’ve been on four cruises and traveled to twenty two countries total over our eleven years together. We still have grand plans of more adventure and excursions but we’re being smarter with the means of how we get there. Now we accumulate sky miles with my Capitol One Venture card. There are no blackout dates and your miles aren’t tied to one airline which allows for a ton of flexibility when planning our next trek. With just using the card for routine purchases we’ve racked up over 100,000 sky miles towards our next big vacation. I’m craving another trip to the beach but with expecting our baby girl we’ll be planning a family vacation and will be using more miles to get us all there. Yet that’s not a problem with the Venture card I got a signing bonus of 60k miles! FYI – you can find tickets to Aruba for 35k a piece!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this travel hack too feel free to use my referral code: and let the #wanderlust continue friends. I’d also love to hear any travel tips and suggestions for our next family vacation!

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