It’s all about balance – indulging in the little things.

I’ve been very aware of the changes my body is going through this second pregnancy and am making a lot more of an effort to stay active throughout this first trimester and as I transition into my second.  I wish I could say I’m motivated by some noble reason like ensuring the healthiest start for baby girl but that’s not it.  This is fueled by the fact that I am 4’11 and gained close to 50lbs my first pregnancy.  Prior to carrying my son I had always had a petite frame and have been fortunate enough to maintain my body weight by staying active while still eating just about whatever.  It was a real shock to my self-esteem and how I felt physically to carry that additional weight – there just really wasn’t enough room for it to spread out. It resulted in some real consequences – I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes that had to be controlled by insulin shots.  Thankfully my son wasn’t impacted by this and was delivered full term at a healthy weight.  However, I am preparing to go in for an early GD test in 4 weeks as a precaution this pregnancy.  Having GD once leaves you far more susceptible to being diagnosed in subsequent pregnancies and also increases your risk for type 2 diabetes later in life (yikes!).

Part of my routine physical activity are walks following dinner and a regular barre3 practice (see my prior post on self care and how b3 is incorporated into that).  Although I’ve been experiencing some significant insomnia this pregnancy I have still made it a priority to get to my studio for the first class of the day – which today meant 7:30am.  Since I’m more of a morning person and my toddler is generally up before 6:30 (often times closer to 5:30) the timing works out well.  It also allows me to get my workout in first thing and frees up the rest of my day. 

I was STARVING by the time I was headed home from class around 9:00am. I had every intention of making a healthy egg scramble loaded with veggies when I got home.  And then I glanced at my phone and saw this picture from my husband.  Of course my face immediately was filled with a smile.  For one, look at that cheesy grin!  I know I’m biased because he’s mine and I’m blinded by mommy goggles but how can you not smile when seeing this little guy making pancakes in his undies.  Second, breakfast is my FAVORITE meal.  I would eat it at any time either savory or sweet; I like it all.  Third, and sadly for me, my husband isn’t a big breakfast guy.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find him tackling breakfast with little man.  

So despite my intentions to eat a healthy breakfast I fully enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes with my family after my workout.  And you know what?  I don’t feel bad at all.  Yes my body is changing (specifically expanding) but I don’t believe in depriving myself for the sake of body image.  Being physically active keeps me feeling strong and confident and that allows me to be comfortable with indulging in childhood favorites like chocolate chip pancakes every once in a while. 



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